Agents United is dedicated to the creation, growth, and retention of the Independent Insurance Agency distribution system

About Agents United

Agents United (AU) was started in February of 2002 by Derick Wolsleger. Jason Rasmussen later joined AU in an effort to build a network of independent insurance agencies that benefit from access to more markets with resources of a large agency, thus helping these smaller insurance agencies grow. They saw that there was a great need to help people who wanted to be part of the independent agency system. There was not an easy way to become an independent agent. Working with SIAA made this possible and has allowed those agents to be able to realize their dream of becoming independent agency owners.

The Strategic Independent Agents Alliance (SIAA) is a program first began in 1983 in the New England area. Agents United joined SIAA in New Hampshire and became part of a nationwide group of insurance agents and have now brought this very successful program to Utah.

They are using SIAA’s knowledge and experience to establish a network of top agents who want to start new agencies or growing existing ones but lack the markets, resources, and knowledge to do so.

Derick and Jason have years of insurance background.

The goal of AU is to grow the independent insurance agency system here in Utah by helping to create new agencies and grow existing ones.



Derick T. Wolsleger


Derick Wolsleger has been in the insurance business since the late eighties. He has worked in several agencies and on the company side of the business. Derick has a unique perspective on the insurance industry. Agents United was started after Derick saw that there were issues when it came to independent insurance agencies and their struggle to survive in the ever changing environment of the insurance market. He wanted to help independent insurance agencies in Utah to not just survive but to thrive. Derick has a beautiful wife of almost 30 years and two children that he feels are the most important things in his life. Derick continues to work to help the independent agency system thrive in any way that he can.


Jamie Warner

Personal Lines Specialist

Jamie Warner is the personal lines executive and trainer for Agents United. She has an extensive background in training insurance agents from the licensing stage all the way to being able to run on their own agency as a successful agent. Jamie is very experienced on the Personal Lines quoting and issuing side of insurance. She has a great love and understanding for each of the companies that she represents, a passion for the agents, and the goal to see them succeed. Jamie feels that she can help the agents to learn the things on the personal lines that could be the most important part of making them successful throughout building their agencies. She loves to watch agents go from being new to being successful agents that take pride in the work that they do. Understanding that we are not just agents, but are protectors of our clients and their futures, will be the greatest lesson that she can teach her agents.


Jason Rasmussen


Jason has a wonderful family of 3 boys, one recently adopted little girl and resides in Spanish Fork, Utah. He has been married for 13 years and loves to spend time with his family. Jason has been in the insurance industry for over 13 years. In 2003 he started his career with Farm Bureau Financial Services. Jason loved his time at Farm Bureau and even sold the largest life insurance case in Farm Bureau history. Farm Bureau was a great place to get started and gave him the foundation in the world of insurance. He also understood the limitations that come from being captive. In 2007 he left Farm Bureau and started working with an independent insurance agency that was a member of Agents United. He learned the opportunities of having more carriers and better compensation on the independent channel. In 2009, Jason, had the opportunity to buy out one of the current partners at Agents United. Jason has loved recruiting, helping, and watching the agencies inside of Agents United grow. He truly cares about their success and does everything he can to help them succeed. He loves the statement “Preparation Proceeds Power” and does his best to live by it.


Rosando Reyes

Agency Development Field Specialist

Rosando Reyes has been in the insurance industry since 1996 and has had the pleasure of working entirely in the independent insurance agency system. He has gained countless experience producing both personal and commercial lines business for several different agencies. Rosando has served the last 3 years as the Commercial Insurance Specialist for Agents United. The experience and knowledge he has gained in this role grows every day and he hopes to continue helping Agents United agents place commercial business far into the future.

Rosando has been married to his high school sweetheart for 27 years and has had the honor of raising two awesome children.