About Agents United

Agents United (AU) was started in February of 2002 by Derick Wolsleger. Jason Rasmussen later joined AU in an effort to build a network of independent insurance agencies that benefit from access to more markets with resources of a large agency, thus helping these smaller insurance agencies grow. They saw that there was a great need to help people who wanted to be part of the independent agency system. There was not an easy way to become an independent agent. Working with SIAA made this possible and has allowed those agents to be able to realize their dream of becoming independent agency owners.

The Strategic Independent Agents Alliance (SIAA) is a program first began in 1983 in the New England area. Agents United joined SIAA in New Hampshire and became part of a nationwide group of insurance agents and have now brought this very successful program to Utah.

They are using SIAA’s knowledge and experience to establish a network of top agents who want to start new agencies or growing existing ones but lack the markets, resources, and knowledge to do so.

Derick and Jason have years of insurance background.

The goal of AU is to grow the independent insurance agency system here in Utah by helping to create new agencies and grow existing ones.

Strategic Partners