How It Works

Direct Access 

Direct Access to companies allows Member Agencies to have direct appointments, their own books of business, access to underwriters, marketing, and all of the benefits associated with having a direct company appointment.

Agents United works to get our agency members appointed with the right mix of carriers based on their needs, geography, target classes of business, etc. Ninety Five percent of the business our agency members write is written directly with our company partners. The other five percent is written in our access plus.

Access Plus

If a member does not have a direct appointment with a company and wants to see how that company fits within its agency, the Members have access to Agents United markets through their codes.

ACCESS PLUS- This exclusive service offers members complete quoting, placing and handling of business with carriers the member does not represent on a direct basis. This serves as an incubator system for the members to get appointments with all of the companies needed for success.

Profit Sharing

Local Profit Sharing (LPS), is a key component in growing your agency. LPS also plays into the income you earn in your agency. An independent agency on their own finds it difficult to qualify for a bonus with all of their carriers. Most carriers have a $300,000 to $500,000 minimum production requirement before you can participate in profit sharing. Then when you do reach that point the bonus is usually 1% or less. With Agents United, you qualify on your first dollar; and because of our pool of premium volume we qualify for a much higher tier of bonus.


Access to Markets – Top rated personal lines and commercial lines carriers are available.

Market Finder – Access to exclusive program business and E&S markets with higher compensation and bonus structures.

Increased Compensation – Participate in profit sharing on your first dollar with no minimums required, receive increased commissions on your new business, renewal business with preferred contracts, and participate in National Bonuses that are paid quarterly and annually.


SIAA Online Store – Gives you access to an array of marketing materials, from brochures, postcards, letters, emails and more!

Training – Webinars on how to market using Social Media, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc…

Websites – Discounts on setting up and maintaining your website.

Mobile Apps – Access to partners that help build an exclusive app for your clients to better connect with your agency.

Education Tools

Training and Learning Center has courses on: Building a Profitable Agency, BOP Training, Accord Form Training, Sales Training, Cyber Liability, Risk Analyzer, Policy Review Training, Developing Your Pipeline with Sales Risk Management Insurance Courses, Sales Risk Management, Microsoft Office Training, Before you Start the Hiring Process Training, Interview Training, and more…

Business Insurance Advantage is a 13 week course on learning the complete ins and outs of selling small commercial. The program will help you with quoting, learning coverage’s, risk management, and how to target prospect.

Insurance Solutions is an exclusive work comp program. It will educate you on how to calculate the company’s true base EMOD rate. The programs teaches you and gives you the tools to help the company get that EMOD and helps them save thousands in insurance premium.

Rough Notes is a great tool to help educate you in commercial risks. This site is free for you to use in the alliance. It gives you all of the risk management questions you will need to ask on a particular risk. This tool makes you look like a complete veteran when meeting with a client for the first time.

Agency Foundation is a step by step process with checklists that helps you build your agency from the ground up. It makes sure you have all of the systems and programs in place to make sure you are building a successful agency.


Managements System – Discounts and training support for the latest agency management system.

Comparative Rater – Discounts and access to the best comparative rater on the market.