Right now you work for a well-known and respected Insurance company.

The salary is decent, the policies are what they are, and the benefits are..well, pretty typical.

9 to 5 job

While this sounds like a traditionally stable, run-of-the-mill job, what if we were to tell you that not only can you have what you have at your current job, but MORE (money, benefits, policy options, etc.)?

You can do the same line of work but as an independent insurance agency with freedom from left to right with undeniable benefits.

Being your own boss and not having to report to the Man isn’t too good to be true. Agents United (AU) provides you with the resources in order to allow for the flexibility of calling your own shots. The benefits of being your own insurance agency are without a doubt opportunistic.

Greater Options, Happier Customers

Independent Insurance Agencies make happy clients

Every person purchasing a healthcare plan or any plan for that fact has different wants and needs. Even people living under the same roof can have separate interests or wishes in a policy. 

With being an independent insurance agency, you can really customize your customers’ plans because you have more freedom and access to sell multiple products from a multitude of carriers. Tailor-making a plan to suit the needs of your client is easy as pie. 

Offering your customers the right plan at a great value is extremely beneficial to not only them but you as well. A happy customer is one that will use your services over and over again. They will also be so elated, their family and friends will hear about it, ultimately increasing your referral rate. 

Focusing on gaining the trust of your clients will take you lengths further in your career than just focusing on making a sale with a stifled product line and stuffy sales pitch. 

The Right Tools & Support

Just because you are an independent insurance agency, doesn’t mean AU leaves you off in the dust. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We want you to succeed as we provide all of our insurance agencies with huge resource potential to utilize in order to make our success, your success!

Independent Insurance Agency Support

AU is more than happy to offer our members marketing opportunities, access to a plethora of carriers, fantastic benefit privileges and more. 

Like a life-long friend, we are here for you, as your hub-bub of information and knowledge, we want you to thrive.

“Ahhh, the Freedom

Gone are the days of punching in and out for that nine-to-five work-day. The only punching you’ll be doing are those fist pumps in the air of joy because you can make your own schedule.


Independent insurance agencies have the flexibility to operate around their lifestyle (your lifestyle) because you are truly your own boss.

Working as hard as you want, you are your only glass ceiling. As an independent, you are just that, autonomously free and without influence or control of others. Wouldn’t it feel good to stretch your arms out and flourish making both yourself infinitely happier as well as your clients?In

Source: Agents Survival Guide